Nanny Salary Guidelines in the UK

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How to decide how much to pay your nanny

The cost of hiring a nanny can vary based on multiple factors. Here are some key considerations that can influence how much to pay your nanny:

Are they working Full-Time or Part-Time?

  • Full-Time Nannies: Typically work 40-60 hours a week. They usually have higher salaries due to their availability and commitment. For a 40 hour week you would be looking at upwards of £30,000 gross per year, depending on experience, specialities and location.
  • Part-Time Nannies: Work fewer hours, often on a fixed schedule. Their hourly rate may be higher, but overall costs are lower due to fewer hours worked. As a guide, Part-time nannies may charge anywhere from £15 gross per hour to £25 gross per hour, and higher for specialised roles or roles in London for example.
  • Rota Nannies: Rota Nannies work on a schedule, often alongside another nanny in order to provide 24/7 care. Their salary can often be upwards of £70,000 gross per year.

How many children in the nanny caring for?

Nannies caring for multiple children generally charge more than those looking after a single child, as the workload and responsibilities increase with more children. This is certainly something to keep in mind when deciding how much to pay your nanny.

what are their Experience and Qualifications?

  • Experienced Nannies: Those with several years of experience or specialised training (e.g., child development, early childhood education, Norland Nannies) tend to have higher salary expectations.
  • Newer Nannies: May charge less but might lack the extensive background of more seasoned professionals.

When deciding how much to pay your nanny you should definitely take time to think about the level of experience you require.

does your nanny have any Additional Duties:

Nannies with special skills (e.g., expertise in Special Educational Needs (SEN), proficiency in a foreign language, or certified in CPR and first aid) often also have higher wages.

what is your Location?

Urban Areas: Nannies in cities or high-cost living areas may charge more than those in rural or suburban regions.

Regional Variations: Research local rates to ensure you’re offering a competitive salary.

Here are our guidelines for specific areas in the UK:

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Is the nanny Live-In or Live-Out?

Live-In Nannies: Might receive a slightly lower salary but are usually compensated with room and board. This arrangement might include a private room and meals. Live-Out Nannies: Typically require higher wages to cover their own living expenses, depending on the area you are located in.

Have you considered a Nanny Share?

This arrangement involves sharing a nanny with another family. It can reduce costs for each family while providing the nanny with a higher overall salary.

Have you done any Market Research?

Investigate current market trends and salary guides. Online resources, nanny agencies, and local parent groups can offer valuable data on prevailing wages.

Are you prepared for salary Negotiation:

Be prepared to negotiate with your nanny. Discuss their expectations and your budget openly to reach a fair agreement that satisfies both parties. This is where an agency can be useful – they can be the “middle man” when it comes to negotiations.

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Additional Resources:

To get a more precise idea of nanny salaries in your area, you can use salary calculators and guidelines provided by reputable websites and nanny agencies. Here are some useful links:

Understanding these elements will help you set a competitive and fair wage for your nanny, ensuring a positive working relationship and quality care for your children.

Deciding how much to pay your nanny can be complicated as you need to consider a lot of different factors. If you would like to discuss with us we are always happy to help! You can get in touch with us below:

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