What Is A Housekeeper/Nanny?

A housekeeper/nanny is often referred to simply as a nanny or a housekeeper but the difference is that their role includes both housekeeping and childcare. A housekeeper/nanny is an individual employed to provide childcare and household management services within a private household. The role typically involves a combination of childcare duties, such as caring for children, supervising their activities, preparing meals, and assisting with homework, as well as domestic tasks like cleaning, laundry, and running errands.

Housekeeper/nannies often work closely with parents to ensure the smooth running of the household and the well-being of the children. Responsibilities may vary depending on the specific needs and preferences of the family employing them. Some may live in the household, while others work on a part-time or full-time basis.

The role requires strong organisational skills, patience, and a nurturing attitude towards children. Additionally, effective communication and the ability to multitask are essential qualities for a successful housekeeper/nanny.

What Does A housekeeper/nanny do?

Here are some tasks that a housekeeper/nanny might be responsible for:


  1. Supervising and caring for children, including infants, toddlers, and older children.
  2. Engaging children in educational and recreational activities, such as reading, playing games, and arts and crafts.
  3. Assisting with homework and educational assignments.
  4. Providing transportation to and from school, extracurricular activities, and appointments.
  5. Preparing and serving meals and snacks for children, taking into account any dietary restrictions or preferences.
  6. Bathing, dressing, and grooming children as needed.
  7. Administering medication or following specific care routines for children with medical needs.
  8. Establishing and maintaining routines for bedtime and other daily activities.

Household Management:

  1. Cleaning and tidying up common areas, including living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.
  2. Doing laundry, including washing, drying, folding, and ironing clothes and linens.
  3. Washing dishes and tidying up the kitchen after meals.
  4. Grocery shopping and meal planning, including creating shopping lists and preparing meals.
  5. Running errands, such as picking up dry cleaning or dropping off packages.
  6. Organising and maintaining household supplies, including toiletries, cleaning products, and groceries.
  7. Light gardening or outdoor maintenance tasks.
  8. Managing household schedules and appointments, including coordinating with other household staff or service providers.

The responsibilities of a housekeeper/nanny can vary widely based on the unique requirements of each family and the terms agreed upon in their employment contract. In some cases, the primary focus may be on childcare duties, with the housekeeper/nanny dedicating the majority of their time and effort to supervising and caring for the children in the household. This can involve engaging children in educational activities, assisting with homework, preparing meals, and ensuring their overall well-being and safety.

On the other hand, some housekeeper/nannies may primarily focus on household management tasks, taking care of various domestic chores to ensure the smooth operation of the household. This can include cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, meal preparation, running errands, and managing household schedules and appointments. While childcare duties are still part of their responsibilities, they may play a secondary role compared to the household management tasks.

Ultimately, a housekeeper/nanny is a versatile and adaptable professional who provides valuable support to families by taking care of both childcare and household management duties. Whether they specialise more in childcare or household tasks, their role is crucial in helping families maintain a balanced and organised home environment while ensuring the well-being and happiness of the children under their care.

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