What Staff Might Work At A Large Country Estate?

A large country estate typically requires a diverse and skilled staff to manage its various aspects. The specific roles may vary based on the estate owner’s preferences and the estate’s features, but here are some common staff members you might find working at a large country estate:

Estate Manager

Oversees the overall operations and management of the estate, coordinating the work of other staff members and ensuring that the owner’s preferences are implemented.

Head Gardener

Manages the extensive gardens, landscapes, and outdoor spaces, overseeing planting, maintenance, and design aspects.


Work under the head gardener to maintain lawns, grounds, and outdoor areas. They may be responsible for tasks such as mowing, weeding, and general landscaping.

House Manager/Housekeeper

Supervises the interior of the main residence, managing housekeeping staff, organising events, and ensuring the smooth operation of daily household tasks.

Housekeeping Staff

Responsible for cleaning and maintaining the interior of the main residence, including bedrooms, living spaces, and common areas.


Manages the household staff, oversees the service during meals, and attends to the needs of the estate owner and guests.

Chef and Kitchen Staff

Prepares meals for the estate owner and guests, often using fresh produce from the estate’s gardens. Kitchen staff may include sous chefs, pastry chefs, and kitchen assistants.

Security Personnel

Guards the estate and ensures the safety and privacy of the owner and property. This may include a security team or individual security professionals.


Drives the estate owner and guests as needed, maintaining and managing the estate’s vehicle fleet.

Personal Assistant

Assists the estate owner with administrative tasks, scheduling, and coordination of appointments.


If the estate owner has children, childcare staff may be employed to take care of their needs and provide educational and recreational activities.

Equine Staff

If the estate includes a stable and horses, staff such as stable managers, grooms, and riding instructors may be employed.

The staff composition can vary widely based on the size of the estate, the preferences of the owner, and the specific features of the property (for example, if they have animals). Larger estates may have more specialised roles, while smaller ones may consolidate responsibilities among a smaller team.

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