What Should A Housekeeper Not Do?

While the specific duties of a housekeeper can vary depending on the employer’s needs and preferences, there are certain tasks that a housekeeper should generally avoid. These may include engaging in activities outside of their job description without prior approval, disclosing confidential information about the employer or household, neglecting to follow safety protocols, using personal belongings or supplies without permission, and behaving unprofessionally or disrespectfully towards the employer or other household members.

If you are considering becoming a housekeeper, these are a few things you should not do:

Engage in Unauthorised Activities:

A housekeeper should refrain from undertaking tasks that fall outside the scope of their job description without prior approval from the employer. This includes tasks that may be considered intrusive or unrelated to household maintenance unless explicitly agreed upon. Even if you think a task you are doing is helpful to your employer, there may be a reason why it was not included in your job description.

Disclose Confidential Information:

Maintaining confidentiality is crucial for a housekeeper or anyone working in a private household. They should not share personal or confidential information about the employer, household members, or guests with others, ensuring privacy and trust are upheld.

Neglect Safety Protocols:

Safety should always be a priority and safety protocols are there for a reason. A housekeeper should adhere to safety guidelines and protocols while performing their duties, such as using appropriate cleaning products, handling equipment safely, and following any established safety procedures within the household.

Unauthorised Use of Belongings or Supplies:

It’s essential for a housekeeper to respect the employer’s property and belongings. They should not use personal items or household supplies without permission, ensuring that they only utilise resources designated for their tasks. If you are unsure which household items can be used in your work – for example – which iron you should use, then it is always best to check with your employer first.

Unprofessional Behaviour:

A housekeeper should conduct themselves professionally at all times, treating the employer, household members, and guests with respect and courtesy. This includes maintaining a professional manner, communicating effectively, and refraining from engaging in any behavior that could be deemed inappropriate or offensive.

Ignoring Employer Instructions:

It’s important for a housekeeper to follow instructions provided by the employer or household manager. Ignoring instructions or acting independently without authorisation can lead to misunderstandings and dissatisfaction, just like in any other job.

Damage or Mishandle Property:

Carelessness resulting in damage to property or belongings is unacceptable when working in a private household. A housekeeper should handle items with care, taking precautions to prevent accidents or damage while cleaning or organising.

Overstepping Boundaries:

Housekeepers should be mindful of boundaries within the household, respecting personal space and privacy. They should avoid intruding on areas designated as private or off-limits without permission.

By adhering to these guidelines, a housekeeper can maintain professionalism, trust, and a positive working relationship with their employer while ensuring the smooth operation of household tasks.

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