How To Hire A Norland Nanny

Hiring a Norland Nanny involves several steps, as these nannies are highly trained and in high demand. Here is our comprehensive guide to help you understand the process and decide wether to hire a Norland Nanny.

Firstly, what is a Norland Nanny?

A Norland Nanny is a highly skilled childcare professional trained at Norland College in Bath, England. Established in 1892, Norland College is renowned for its rigorous and comprehensive training program, which combines traditional childcare practices with modern child development theories. Norland Nannies are educated in a wide array of subjects, including early childhood education, psychology, nutrition, and health. They also receive practical training in first aid, self-defence, and even driving, ensuring they can handle a variety of situations.

Known for their distinctive uniforms and exceptional standards, Norland Nannies are sought after globally for their expertise, professionalism, and dedication to providing high-quality care. Their training prepares them not only to meet the physical and emotional needs of children but also to support their educational and developmental growth, making them a prestigious choice for families seeking the best in childcare.

Why hire a Norland Nanny?

Norland Nannies are highly sought after due to their exceptional training, professionalism, and the comprehensive care they provide to children. Graduates of Norland College undergo rigorous education that combines traditional childcare techniques with modern child development theories, equipping them with a deep understanding of children’s physical, emotional, and educational needs. This extensive training includes specialised skills such as first aid, self-defence, and even driving, ensuring they are prepared for any situation.

Their reputation for excellence is further enhanced by their adherence to high standards of conduct and the distinctive uniform that symbolises their expertise and commitment. Families around the world value Norland Nannies not only for their ability to offer top-tier childcare but also for their capability to foster a nurturing and stimulating environment that supports the holistic development of children. The trust and reliability associated with the Norland name make these nannies a preferred choice for parents seeking the very best for their children.

Who hires Norland Nannies?

Norland Nannies are typically hired by:

  • High-Net-Worth Individuals: Wealthy families seeking top-tier childcare for their children.
  • Celebrities: Public figures and entertainers who require discreet and professional childcare.
  • Royalty: Members of royal families who desire the highest standards of care.
  • Business Executives: High-level professionals needing reliable and exceptional childcare support.
  • Diplomats: Diplomatic personnel who often move internationally and require consistent, high-quality childcare.
  • Expats: Families living abroad who want the best childcare standards in a foreign country.
  • Professional Athletes: Sports professionals with demanding schedules needing dependable childcare.
  • Anyone Seeking Exceptional Childcare: Families of various backgrounds who prioritise the highest standards of childcare and education for their children.

How to Hire a Norland Nanny:

1. Understand the Role of a Norland Nanny

Norland Nannies are renowned for their exceptional training in childcare. They are graduates of Norland College in Bath, England, and possess extensive skills in childcare, early childhood education, and household management. Their training includes practical skills, child psychology, and even self-defence.

2. Define Your Requirements

Before you begin the hiring process, clearly outline what you are looking for in a nanny:

  • Duties: Determine the specific responsibilities, such as child care, educational activities, meal preparation, and household chores.
  • Schedule: Decide on the working hours, days off, and flexibility required.
  • Special Requirements: Consider any specific needs such as experience with special needs children, ability to travel, or additional languages.

3. Contact A Specialised Nanny Agency

4. Interview Process

Once the agency provides you with potential candidates, conduct interviews to find the best match for your family:

  • Initial Interview: This can be done over the phone or via video call to get a sense of the nanny’s personality, experience, and compatibility with your family.
  • In-Person Interview: If possible, meet the nanny in person. This interview should delve deeper into their experience, training, and specific scenarios related to child care.
  • Trial Period: Some families opt for a trial period to ensure the nanny fits well with their family dynamics.

5. Check References and Background

Norland Nannies come with excellent references, but it is crucial to verify them:

  • Reference Check: Contact previous employers to discuss the nanny’s performance, reliability, and any other relevant details.
  • Background Check: Ensure a thorough background check is conducted, which the agency can typically facilitate.

6. Discuss Terms of Employment

Once you have selected a nanny, discuss and agree on the terms of employment:

  • Contract: Draft a detailed contract outlining the duties, hours, salary, benefits, and any other terms of employment.
  • Salary: Norland Nannies command high salaries, often reflecting their exceptional training and expertise. Discuss and agree on a competitive salary.
  • Benefits: Consider additional benefits such as health insurance, paid holidays, and any other perks.

7. Finalise the Hire

  • Sign the Contract: Both parties should sign the contract to formalise the employment.
  • Orientation: Provide an orientation period where the nanny can familiarise themselves with your home, routines, and specific needs of the children.

8. Maintain Open Communication

Ensure ongoing communication to address any issues, provide feedback, and ensure a positive working relationship.

By following these steps, you can successfully hire a Norland Nanny who will provide exceptional care for your children. If you would like any help or advice you can get in touch with Abode Staff and we would be happy to chat!

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