Experienced Housekeeper/Laundry Specialist For Family In Summertown, Oxfordshire

Job Description

We are seeking a meticulous and experienced Housekeeper/Laundry Specialist to join our family home in Summertown, Oxfordshire, OX2. This role involves managing laundry and light housekeeping duties, ensuring the highest care for our household’s fine fabrics and children’s clothing. The position is available starting at the end of July, aligning with our move from London to Oxford.

Key Responsibilities

Laundry and Wardrobe Management:

  • Expertly care for and launder fine fabrics including cashmere, silk, and other delicate materials.
  • Maintain the children’s high-quality clothing, ensuring they are cleaned and stored appropriately.
  • Manage wardrobes, including organising, ironing, and ensuring all items are in excellent condition.
  • Handle minor repairs and maintenance of clothing as needed.

Light Housekeeping Duties:

  • Perform light housekeeping tasks to maintain cleanliness and order in the home.
  • Assist with household organisation and tidying.
  • Support the cleaner with additional tasks when required.

Team Collaboration:

  • Work collaboratively with our current nanny and cleaner to ensure smooth household operations.
  • Maintain open communication with the family to understand and meet their needs.

Personal Qualities:

  • Attention to detail and a strong focus on quality.
  • Reliable, trustworthy, and dedicated.
  • Flexible and able to adapt to changing schedules and needs.
  • Friendly and able to work well with children and other household staff.


  • Previous experience in housekeeping and laundry care for fine fabrics with references.
  • Familiarity with the care of high-quality children’s clothing.
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
  • Driving license preferred but not essential.
  • Experience working with families with children is a plus.

If you are an experienced housekeeper with a specialty in laundry care and wardrobe management, and are looking for a long-term role within a professional and welcoming family, we encourage you to apply for this position in our new home.

Please submit your CV and a cover letter outlining your relevant experience and skills to Abode Staff via
email: contact@abodestaff.co.uk or
WhatsApp: 07425 201 633

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