5 Extra Jobs your housekeeper can do

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, having a reliable housekeeper can be a game-changer. Beyond the traditional tasks like vacuuming, dusting, mopping and polishing, these household heroes can take on various additional roles that you may not have thought of. Meaning that they can contribute to the smooth functioning and overall well-being of your home. Let’s explore five extra jobs your housekeeper can expertly handle:

1. Organising

Your housekeeper can work magic in decluttering and organising spaces. From tidying up living areas to efficiently managing storage spaces, their knack for organisation can turn chaos into calm. Clutter can be overwhelming, so why not ask your housekeeper to organise that cupboard you have been avoiding? You may find that housekeepers can actually get this job done a lot quicker than you would be able to as they don’t have any sentimental attachment to the items they are sorting through. This task can easily be done by asking your housekeeper to sort the items into three categories: rubbish, donate and keep. Once you trust your housekeeper with the organising and decluttering, your house will become a much calmer and organised space. 

2. Laundry

Beyond merely washing and folding clothes, a skilled housekeeper can manage your laundry routine seamlessly. Sorting, ironing, and even coordinating dry cleaning pickups when required. A good housekeeper will know which items need special care and attention and should be well-versed in high-end wardrobes. However, we always recommend having a quick discussion when you hire a new housekeeper –  just in case they hadn’t realised that your silk ties can’t go in the washing machine! 

3. Meal Preparation

Many housekeepers are adept at basic meal preparation and are happy to have this included as part of their role – especially if working full-time. From chopping veggies to preparing simple dishes for you to reheat later on, they can lend a helping hand in ensuring your family enjoys nutritious and well-cooked meals.

4. Personal Shopping

Need groceries, household supplies, or even a special gift? Your housekeeper may be happy to take on the responsibility of running errands and doing the shopping, saving you time and ensuring your home is always well-stocked.

5. Pet Care

If you have furry friends at home, your housekeeper may be happy to extend their services to pet care. From feeding and walking to scheduling vet appointments, they can play a vital role in keeping your pets happy and healthy.


In conclusion, your housekeeper is not just limited to routine cleaning tasks. With their versatile skill set, they can step into various roles, making your life more organised, efficient, and enjoyable. We always recommend communicating openly about your needs and preferences from the outset, and you’ll be amazed at how your housekeeper can become an invaluable asset in caring for your home.

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